CoVID Safety Protocol CoVID Safety Protocol


Sanitation and Sterilization

The clinic furniture and bathroom fixtures are cleaned with 1:100 bleach solution at the beginning and at the end of the day and in between patients. Please excuse the antiseptic odor.

Sanitizing sprays and solutions and tissue paper are provided in convenient and strategic locations within the clinic. Please feel free to use them as you deem necessary.

Dispose of tissues and papers in trash bins; do not leave them lying around.


The staff you encounter are fewer than usual since they go on staggered rotation. All the staff present have tested negative for COVID. They are also screened daily for symptoms prior to their duties. They may be wearing scrub suits or other protective clothing instead of the usual uniform.


Physical barriers to reduce droplets and aerosolized particles from hitting other people and surfaces have been erected for your protection.


To reduce the risk of exposure for you and the staff to the Corona virus, we are limiting clinic hours to 7 hours a day (7:00 am to 3:00 pm).


Prioritized Scheduling

With the limited clinic days and hours, we have to prioritize urgent cases. We will also provide adequate time between patients to clean and sanitize commonly touched fixtures and surfaces including furniture and equipment.


Patients who are coughing, have fever, have lost their sense of smell, are experiencing headaches, or were in contact with a confirmed COVID case in the past 2 weeks shall have their appointments postponed. We reserve the right to refuse to see patients who are suspected to have COVID based on our screening methodology for the protection of the staff and patients.

Physical Distancing

Please avoid sitting closely to other patients if there are overlapping appointments despite our spacing measures for appointments. The seating arrangement in the waiting area has been changed to create a space between patients of at least 1 meter.


Bring a protective face covering such as a mask over your nose and mouth when entering the clinic.

Minimum Contact with the Staff and the Doctor

The examination protocols have been streamlined to reduce physical contact with the doctors and staff. Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer. Vital signs measurements (Blood Pressure and Heart Rate) and Tonometry (Eye Pressure Measurements) will not be performed for the meantime. Please do not be alarmed or begrudge the staff and the doctor if they have to wear gloves when they have to perform examinations that require touching your eyelids or your eyes. The gloves are used only once per patient.


The staff and doctors will stay farther from you than usual. This is for our mutual protection


Extra precautions have been taken and additional steps will be performed to ensure sterilization and sanitation of the equipment and the rooms where you will be examined. Should you need surgery, similar precautions and steps have to be taken. Expect that some procedures may take longer to perform because of those steps. However, we have also taken steps to reduce the inconvenience that you may experience